Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gov 2.0 Doers

There has been some criticism that Gov 2.0 is:

  1. Just another buzz word
  2. Just people talking about stuff, no one doing stuff
I disagree, certainly with the 2nd point. Most of the Gov 2.0 people I know and/or follow on Twitter are the doers. Here's a list of who some of them are, certainly not comprehensive, in no particular order:
  1. Brian Sobel, InnovationGeo, Are You Safe,
  2. Dmitry Kachaev, D.C. OCTO R&D
  3. Philip Ashlock, Open Planning Project, Open 311
  4. Josh Tauberer,
  5. Jim Gilliam,,,,, and
  6. Andrew Turner, GeoCommons, FortiusOne
  7. Everyone at Sunlight Labs
  8. Carl Malamud,
  9. Jen Pahlka, Code for America
  10. Leonard Lin, Code for America
  11. Steve Ressler, GovLoop
  12. Noel Hidalgo, New York State Office of the CIO
  13. Raymond Yee, UC Berkeley
  14. Peter Corbett, iStrategy Labs, Apps for Democracy
  15. Kevin Merritt,
  16. Hillary Hartley, NICUSA, Citizen Space
  17. Guy Martin,
  18. Silona Bonewald, League of Technical Voters,
  19. Kevin Connor,
  20. Greg Elin, United Cerebral Palsy
  21. Noel Dickover, DoD Office of the CIO,
  22. Jon Udell, Microsoft, ElmCity
  23. Kim Patrick Kobza, Neighborhood America
  24. Jay Nath, City of San Francisco
  25. Wayne Moses Burke, Open Forum Foundation
  26. Micah Sifry, Personal Democracy Forum
  27. George Thomas, GSA
  28. Alan Silberberg,
  29. Steve Lunceford,
  30. Joseph Porcelli, Neighbors for Neighbors
  31. Luke Fretwell, GovFresh
  32. Chris Rasmussen, Intellipedia, NGO
  33. Pam Broviak, MuniGov 2.0
  34. Bill Greeves, MuniGov 2.0, Roanoke County, VA
  35. Jeff Levy, EPA Web Manager, Federal Web Managers Council
  36. Adrian Holovaty, Everyblock,
BTW, we need both "talkers" and "doers." Some people are both. Some people are connectors. Not everyone is an implementer. I tried to stick to implementers; to pick people who have projects and/or organizations dedicated to or related to Gov 2.0. There are some obvious names not on this list. That's probably because they are not implementers. Doesn't mean they're not important. If I missed someone you think should be on the list leave a comment. Be sure to tell me what project they're on. I certainly don't know everyone.

I'll try to come back with links and pictures.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for compiling this list and including me. I agree with you, that there is a real dichotomy that exists between the "Do'ers" and the "Talkers". Great observation. I think as we transition from the theoretical to the practical this will only increase.

Alan W Silberberg

Wayne said...

Yeah, thanks Kevin. I'm honored to be on this also - and it gives me a solid list of the people I need to meet!

I think that we're in the middle of a transition from the thinking and talking stage into a meaningful implementation stage. There will still be thinkers and early adopters leading the way, but the real action is now in translating that for mass market appeal and getting buy-in across the board. Increasingly, these 'doers' will be those translators.

Speaking of which, here are a couple more hardcore Gov20 people for your list, inside edition:

Maxine Teller, now with DOD CIO.
Gwynne Kostlin, DHS
Lovisa Williams, State
Julie Germany, IPDI
Sean Hackbarth, Senate Republican Conference
Rob Pierson, House Democratic Caucus
Matthew Lundh, House Republican Conference

I'm sure there are many more that I'm missing also...