Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's Happened Since City Camp?

At the start of the second day of City Camp we challenged ourselves to think about what happens after City Camp. We focused our sessions around concrete actions we would take after we all scattered back to our homes. Here's a quick rundown of some of our post-City Camp activities:

  1. We've been editing the Open Muni wiki
  2. We started a help-desk for journalists who want to use data
  3. We're planning spin-offs and meet-ups in a number of different cities
  4. We connected experts in crime data mashup & visualization with a local paper's crime data API
  5. We stay active online
  6. We started Colorado Smart Communities
  7. We reported back to local government
  8. Update 02.15.10: We set up a development environment for open source government data feeds
In fact, in their report back to City of Edmonton, Devin Serink & Ashley Casovan, listed six "next steps" for their city:
  1. [Participate in] Inter-city collaboration
  2. [Contribute to] Open Data Cookbook
  3. Experiment in 3D virtual worlds
  4. Develop understanding and excitement internally
  5. [Initiate] Apps for Edmonton
  6. [Support creation of] Code for Canada
To be sure, many of these activities were initiated prior to and/or separately from City Camp. That said, we all connected through City Camp to these activities and those connections are moving us foward.


Anonymous said...

Quick FYI: We're going to do CityCampDC on the weekend of June 12th :)

Kevin Curry said...


Fantastic! Let me know how I can help.